Your CRM & Analytics Tools weren't built for Recurring Revenue

Stop tweaking Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce and your BI Dashboard around.
They weren't made for this.

Jaxx offers complete Bowtie Revenue Metrics over the full customer journey for the SaaS Industry.
Out of the box. Just like this.

The best SaaS Companies use Bowtie Metrics

The fastest growing SaaS startups all use the SaaS Sales Method™ and the Bowtie Revenue Metrics Model.

Because it’s backed by science, data and math and is the best way to see exponential hyper-growth fast.

The Bowtie and the Recurring Revenue Operational Model is an open standard which was developed and pioneered by Jacco van der Kooij and Winning by Design.

JAXX makes setting up Bowtie Metrics easy:

Scale what’s working (not what’s under-performing)

Benchmark every step of your customer journey

Implement what every fast-growing SaaS business uses

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Implement Bowtie Metrics in a day

Say Goodbye to your Sales Spreadsheets

Simply connect your external Data Silos (Analytics, CRM, Payment, etc.) to JAXX and have Bowtie Metrics for your full customer journey ready to go in a few minutes.


Science & Math: Always know your next step

Not only do you see Volumes, Conversion Rates and Durations of every Moment that Matters in the Customer Journey.
Our mathematical model benchmarks your Sales Process against 1000s of other Revenue Teams and tells you instantly which process might need improvement.

Get the whole Revenue Team on the same page

Do you need more leads? A better targeting? And is the Win Rate and Churn on target?
Use JAXX to give the entire Revenue Team a holistic view on the full customer journey and a better understanding what needs to be improved next.


Everything you need to scale revenue — all in one place:

The targeting is wrong. The leads are weak. The quota is too high. You've heard it all before. Transform Marketing, Sales and Customer Success into one high performing Revenue Team - By giving them Metrics they understand and can act on.

One Simple Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Stop tweaking your CRM and updating that Excel Sheet - JAXX pulls all data points from different sources and provides a real time Bowtie Dashboard for your Revenue Operations.

Track & tweak every part of your Customer Journey

Is that Win Rate on target? JAXX benchmarks every process in your Customer Journey against hundreds of other Revenue Teams and tells you what to improve next.

Get everyone on the same page without the headache

Unify Marketing, Sales and Customer Success into one Revenue Team by giving them a unified dashboard and shared understanding of metrics that matter most.

Simulate changes and see what has the biggest impact

What if we could...? With JAXX you can run simulations and estimate the growth impact of planned improvements.

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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets… and Hello to Exponential Growth

The JAXX Bowtie Dashboard gives your team a shared understanding of which process needs to be optimized and what needs to be scaled.

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